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Football Season is the 58th episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1.


It's time for football tryouts at Angel Grove High but Tommy is having a hard time. Rita decides to field her own team and sends down the Rhino Blaster to lead the putties in a grid-iron battle.


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  • Rhino Blaster answered "No!" when Tommy asked to spend his last moments with his friends, but then attempted to send Tommy to where the other Rangers were anyway.
  • The Rangers somehow returned from the other dimension with a fully-formed Megazord, despite seemingly having had no way to summon their Zords while trapped.
  • The Weaveworm monster can briefly be seen when the Rhinoblaster is struck with the Mega Dragonzord's attack.
  • For some reason Mr. Caplan announced the team members at the Youth Center when surely the school would be more appropriate.


  • Final appearance of the Mega Dragonzord outside of the Ultrazord configuration.
  • The Rangers teleport to the Command Center by first name order: Blue, Red, Pink, Yellow, Black. 1st time was in Part 2 of "Doomsday."
  • Rhinoblaster's destruction sequence indicates that he was destroyed by the Ultrazord rather than the Mega Dragonzord's sphere attack.
  • Second and last time Tommy appears inside the Dragonzord's cockpit, with the first time being "The Green Candle Part 2".
  • Aside from the male Rangers and Bulk, the other members of the Angel Grove High starting offense are Bob, Matthew, Ryan, Michael, Thomas, and Paul. The team's numbers are:
    • Jason: 66
    • Billy: 99
    • Zack: 48
    • Bob: 17
    • Matthew: 18
    • Ryan: 49
    • Michael: 55
    • Thomas: 56
    • Paul: 54
    • Bulk: 76
    • Tommy: 12
  • This episode marks the first time since Tommy got his powers back that Dragonzord is seen emerging from the sea upon being summoned.
  • The was the first episode associated with football events (the other being "Fourth Down and Long").

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