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Flurious' Forces
Operation Overdrive
Led by: Flurious
Generals and other Notable Members: Norg
Base: Ice Den
Grunts/Footsoldiers: Chillers
Battled: Overdrive Rangers, Retro Rangers
Coexisted with: Moltor's Forces, Kamdor's Forces, Fearcats
Other factions battled: Moltor's Forces, Kamdor's Forces, Fearcats
Teamed up with: Moltor's Forces, Kamdor's Forces, Fearcats
Chronological/Production Order
Moltor's Forces

Flurious' Forces was one of the factions of villains in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. It was lead by Flurious who was seeking the Corona Aurora. It was based in Norg's Ice Den. Its main footsoldier is the Chiller. Flurious would often fight with the other villain factions but would sometimes form brief alliances.

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