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This article is about a/an ally in Power Rangers Jungle Fury.
JF Flit
Gender: Male
Ally Type: Commentator
Season: Jungle Fury
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Welcome to the Jungle
Last Appearance: Now the Final Fury
Number of Episode
Full list of appearances
Actor: Kelson Henderson (Voice)

Flit is a former enemy of Camille whom she cursed, turning him into an anthropomorphic fly. He must stay inside her stomach or die from being outside for too long.


Normally emerging during Zord battles, Flit monitors the Rangers' fight as a Battle Commentator. Regardless of who has the upper hand, Flit maintains a neutral standpoint and unbiased commentary. He's insulted Camille when her plans fail, calling her the "ugly chameleon". When the Overloads were being revived, Flit reveals he eats whatever Camille does, begging her to do so; this lead to her going to Jungle Karma Pizza, where Lily accidentally gave advice about "getting a new boss". When RJ saves his life, Flit temporarily allies with the Rangers and helps RJ get control of his Animal Spirit but has to return to Camille when the curse over him causes him to weaken after being away from her for too long. By the end of the series, Camille turned Flit back to his human form. Flit now works for RJ at Jungle Karma Pizza, although he still retains some of his insect characteristics. He also continues to narrate, something RJ finds amusing.


Unlike an average fly, Flit retains his human mind and "stands" on his hind legs. He has four other arms, often having as them crossed. He retains the clothing he wore as a human in his fly form, but

Flit as a human with RJ

 modified to fit him. Flit wears a white shirt with has two extra sleeves for his additional arms, along with blue overalls. Seems he wore glasses, which are between his eyes. After becoming human again, Flit hides his eyes behind sunglasses or simply favors the look; his overalls appear to have a broken strap on his left side. He wears the Jungle Karma Pizza shirt under his overalls and wears the cap backwards.


  • In 'True Friends, True Spirits' when we see Flit fighting Camille his silhouette shows an Asian man yet in 'Now the Final Fury' his appearance make look like an average American man.
  • Flit's name may have been inspired by the insecticide brand of the same name.

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