This article is about a/an episode in Power Rangers in Space, the last installment in the Zordon Era.

Flashes of Darkonda is the sixteenth episode of Power Rangers In Space


Andros does some undercover work on an alien planet, where Darkonda is hanging out at a casino. Andros manages to beat a group of aliens in a game of cards, and win Zordon's key cards. Andros escapes the planet, and finally remembers it was Darkonda who had kidnapped his long lost sister. Meanwhile, Ecliptor tries to poison Darkonda.


Andros was dreaming of Darkonda and Darkonda said, we met a long time ago, blasts him and he disappears. Andros was awake by his nightmare and the rest of the rangers go undercover to a planet by DECA. Andros watches his past when someone captured his sister, however it was Darkonda who captured her.

Andros plans to go to the planet Onyx and he asked DECA not to ask the others where he had gone. While on the planet Onyx, there are Quadrafighters, Quantrons and some past monsters Mighty Morphin to In Space and Andros disguised as a traveler. Sinister Simian plays a piano, Darkonda was on the planet Onyx and he made a joke about an ant. Darkonda goes to room 8, he ask a person and he needs a strength potion to give him stronger. The person was talking to Ecliptor and he gave the person the fake potion to Darkonda. There are some monsters playing card game, Darkonda and Andros joins them. There is one monster who had stole Zordon's key cards in a battle in Eltar. Andros was cheating and one of the monster wants to blast him, Andros has a close one and Darkonda goes to him and wanted those key cards. Andros wants to find the information and the values in KO-35, Darkonda said, it was on a system and he knows it better than anyone. Andros guesses he could make a deal and he tells him everything he knows. Darkonda took the key cards and he told Andros he went to a deserted planet who have captured a little girl and Andros got mad. He asks Darkonda where she is and Darkonda said, she is still alive and he found Andro's Morpher and the both of them started attacking each other. He knows he capture his sister as Andros took the key cards away from him. Andros summon his Galaxy Glider, morphs into the Red Ranger and Darkonda sends the Quantrons to attack him and he was able to escape the planet and get back to the Astro Megaship.

The rest of the Rangers talk to Andros and he tells them he was attacked by Darkonda and showed them the key cards. Darkonda sent a transmission to the Red Ranger about his sister. The Rangers arrived to ask Darkonda where is the Red Ranger's sister but he asks them to give him the key cards first and Darkonda drinks the potion, he starts attacking the rangers, he overloads because of the potion and he suddenly disappears. He went to the parking lot, suffering, Ecliptor found Darkonda, he gave the potion for revenge and he almost destroys him and Darkonda starts growing into a new form and attacks the rangers. The Rangers summon their Astro Delta Megazord to attack him, Astronema looks at Darkonda and Ecliptor said, he told you he couldn't have been trusted and Darkonda attacks the Astro Delta Megazord but he too powerful for them and they try everything they could to destroy him. The Rangers took the Astro Delta Megazord for the Spinning Cyclone and almost destroyed him but he survived, started creating Mutantrus and start overpowering the rangers' Astro Delta Megazord and it goes down.





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