This article is about a/an mecha in Choushinsei Flashman.

Flash Titan (フラッシュタイタン Furasshu Taitan): A tractor-trailer-like backup mecha for the Flashman. The first secondary mecha in Sentai history. The cab and trailer can convert into an airship mode.

Titan Boy

Titan Boy (タイタンボーイ Taitan Bōi): Flashman's second robot that transforms from the tractor unit of the Flash Titan. When the command "Flash Turn! Titan Boy!" is given, the "grill" becomes the feet, the engine compartment becomes the chest, the front wheels become the legs, the back wheels become the back, and the doors reveal the arms, with the smokestack areas as the shoulders. Its main weapons are the Radial Cutters (ラジアルカッター Rajiaru Kattā) (formed from the tires) and the Boy Cannons (ボーイキャノン Bōi Kyanon) (Flash Titan's smokestacks).

Great Titan

Great Titan (グレートタイタン Gurēto Taitan): A second robot created by the union of the Titan Boy and the trailer unit of the Flash Titan. When the command "Flash Turn! Great Titan!" is given, the rear of the trailer becomes the legs, and the front part reveals the head (which the head becomes a part of the Titan Boy) and arms, as the wind defector swings out to become the chest. It destroys monsters with its ultimate finishing attack, the Titan Nova (タイタンノバ Taitan Noba).



  • Flash Titan has a unique position of being classified both as a "second mech" and "boy robo" due to its situation.
  • Flash Titan being a truck was an attempt to ride on the success in Japan of the Transformers franchise, with it clearly inspired by lead Transformer Optimus Prime (known in Japan as "Convoy"); the major difference involving the usage of the container unit as part of the mecha (whereas the original Optimus Prime toy had a small mini-base as its container unit - although the redeco Ultra Magnus did utilize both the truck cab and trailer in his robot mode). The design was reused in the Machine Robo franchise as Tough Trailer and Pro Truck Racer.