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A masked horse-riding flame monster created by Lord Zedd, Flame Head rode a white stallion and also had a powerful flame breath. Flame Head also wields a long dagger-like sword which he slams into the ground, causing a fire-like blow that erupts from the ground. When Flame Head goes on a fire-starting rampage, the Power Rangers show up, kicking him right off his stallion. He rolls over, losing his mask, exposing his flame-like face, which he soon puts back on. The Rangers are able to combine their powers to form a shield which sends the flames emitted by Flame Head right back at him. After growing, Flame Head permanently removes his mask. He is soon defeated with the Thunder Saber.

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  • Although Flame Head was referred to as a "he", he had an obvious female voice actor.
  • It's unknown why Lord Zedd thought a fire-based monster would defeat the Power Rangers given his previous failure with the Saliguana, a lizard monster that breathes fire, and they likely still had the same ice device used to neutralize the fire.

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