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Fishing for a Friend is the thirty-seventh episode of Power Rangers Wild Force. It is the beginning of the four-episode endgame arc. This episode marks the return of Toxica from the Spirit World after her death at the hands of Mandilok.


Jindrax sets up both the Rangers and the new Locomotive Org to re-energize Toxica's horn, which he uses to fish her out of the spirit world. Meanwhile Master Org prepares the Nexus for a mysterious ceremony and snatches Princess Shayla's necklace for his ceremony.


Using Nazyor's mirror, Jindrax contacts Toxica in the Spirit World. She tells him only the power of the Jungle Blaster can revive her, if it energizes her horn.

In the Nexus, Princess Shayla remains captive. Master Org remains quiet about why she is needed.

The Rangers soon track down a new Org, the Locomotive org. Jindrax uses it as a shield, saving himself and charging Toxica's horn with the power. He revives the org with her staff and leaves the Rangers to deal with the Org. It proves too much for their zords, forcing them to combine the Falcon, Bizon, Wolf and Hammerhead into a new Megazord. The Isis Megazord predator mode. Which uses the wings of Animaria attack to destroy Locomotive Org.

In the meantime, Jindrax uses a fishing line to lower Toxica's horn into the mirror. In the Spirit World, Toxica grabs it and is pulled out of the mirror, with her horn re-attached. Both of them decide that they have had enough with working for the Orgs, deciding to do something new with their lives.

Meanwhile, in the Nexus, Master Org tells Princess Shayla that finally has come the time for her to be of use for him and that is by taking her necklace off her neck, leaving the Princess shocked.



  • Bob Papenbrook makes his only on-screen appearance in this episode as the store clerk that serves Jindrax. This is also his last original appearance in the series before his death on March 17, 2006.
  • This episode marks the only appearance of the Isis Megazord Predator Mode, which is a combination of the Falcon, Bison, Wolf and Hammerhead Wild Zords.
    • Isis Megazord Predator Mode is the only Megazord configuration this series to use four Wildzords.
    • This episode marks the only appearance of the Isis Megazord using a mode other than its standard configuration.
    • This episode also marks the only appearance of the Kongazord Spear Striker.
    • This episode also marks the first and only time when six rangers share the cockpit.
  • Locomotive Org is the final regular Org to appear in the show.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of the artifact that would become the Org Heart in the following episode.
  • Jindrax's Org Express Card is an obvious knockoff of the Batman Express Card from 1997's Batman & Robin, and he even uses (almost, saying 'don't' instead of 'never') the same line as George Clooney's Batman, "Never leave the cave without it."
  • The expiration date, or what should be, on Jindrax's Org Express Card reads "00 / 00-00 / 22."


  • Although the combination used in this episode is named as Isis Megazord Predator Mode, in reality it should have had an extra prefix due to the Bison not being a usual part of the combination.
  • The Isis Megazord Predator Mode wielded the Gator Staff despite the Alligator Wild Zord not being part of the combination.
  • Though hard to see, Cole is holding the Jungle Sword when Locomotive Org explodes. This is because the Rangers used the Jungle Blaster, which didn't appear in Gaoranger.
  • The Gorilla's roar can be heard, despite only the Lion, Eagle, Shark, Bison, Tiger, Wolf, Hammerhead, Alligator, and Elephant being summoned at the time.

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