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The Final Beast Wars is the last time that Dai Shi tried to destroy the world in which fallen allies and enemies are revived and it takes place in the last episode of Jungle Fury.


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The Wars

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Power Rangers/Allies

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  • Jungle Fury Rangers
  1. Jungle Fury Red Ranger
  2. Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger
  3. Jungle Fury Blue Ranger
  4. Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger
  5. Jungle Fury Rhino Ranger
  • Spirit Rangers
  1. Jungle Fury Elephant Ranger
  2. Jungle Fury Bat Ranger
  3. Jungle Fury Shark Ranger
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  2. Green Chameleon Warrior
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  4. Master Finn
  5. Master Rilla
  6. Master Lope
  7. Master Guin

Dai Shi Clan/Phantom Beasts

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  2. Five Fingers of Poison
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    2. Rantipede
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    4. Toady
    5. Stingerella
  3. Overlords
    1. Grizzaka
    2. Carnisoar
    3. Jellica
  4. Unknown Anchorfish
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  • Phantom Beasts
  1. Scorch
  2. Snapper