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This article is about a/an monster in Choujin Sentai Jetman.

Fighter Dimension (ファイタージゲン Faitā Jigen)

Character History

This giant monster was originally Chokan's jet that she used to search for the two remaining Jetman but Radiguet interferes with the mission and plants a Dimensional Bug on the jet, starting its transformation into a monster. Though it tried to devour Chokan inside the cockpit, she managed to break free and parachute off the jet. It later went against the Jet Hawk in a dogfight before it grabs Gai Yuuki to use as a hostage. But once Gai is freed and saved, the Fighter crashes and assume full monster form, able to fire orbs from its mouth. However, Red Hawk manages to destroy Fighter Jigen by shooting at the exposed gas pipe.



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Modus and Arsenal

As a jet fighter plane, Fighter Dimension has the ability to fly and smash into objects with massive force and fires orbs from its mouth. It also creates tendrils within the cockpit to capture anyone who flies within it, in particular with what happens to Odagari after her jet is used for the Dimensional Beast.



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Behind the Scenes

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