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This article is about a/an song in Tensou Sentai Goseiger.

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Romanized Lyrics

Original Japanese lyrics Approximate translation into English

Tobitatsu dake no yuuki wo mote
Shoudou nado de wa naku

Mimi wo sumasete kokoro ni kike
Mamorubeki mono wo

Sono hito no tame tsubasa atsumete
Tenshi no kobushi wo furiorose

Tatakae! hakai kyoui subete no
Aku ni wa tenbatsu kudase!
Tensou! kimi no hokori ima hanate
Onore no kate wo eyo!!

Shakufuku dekiru kotoba mo naku
Chikara ga nakute mo ii
Honto no tsuyosa dare ni mo aru
Kiba wo muite yare

Ima ugoku n da koe wo dasu n da
Mirai wa onore de kaete miro

Tatakae! nikui akui shitsukoi
Teki ni wa sabaki ichigeki!
Tensou! kimi no inori tsuranuite
Soko de
Onore no kate wo eyo!

Tatakae! hakai kyoui subete no
aku ni wa tenbatsu kudase!
Tensou! kimi no hokori ima hanate
Onore no kate wo eyo!!

Leap into the sky with courage
Act on the impulse within you

Listen to your heart
For there are things that you should protect

With your wings summoun your courage
Attack with your angelic fist

Fight! For they threaten everything with their destruction
Deliver divine punishment against their evil
Tensou! Now with all of your pride, fire
Get youself some food!!

With these words of blessing
You will never lose this power
Your true strength will surface
When you face them with bared fangs

The sound of your voice causes
A stir throughout the future

Fight! Pass judgment on their malice
Attack your enemy with a single blow!
Tensou! Your prayer shall penetrate
Get youself some food!

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