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This article is about a/an villain in Ninpu Sentai Hurricaneger.

Fifth Spear, Sargain (五の槍・サーガイン Go no Yari Sāgain) is the leader of the Mechanic Corps and master swordsman, he's actually a karakuri-robot body built from Jakanja alloy and piloted by a small robotic ant.


He could extend his Dark Twin Swords Ganryuken from his shoulders and can build his own personal robots to fight the Hurricanegers. Notably with the giant robos he builds, Sargain prefers to incorporate the abilities from the robos used by the Earth Ninja into his own (Megatagame I was based off Gouraijin allowing it to use lightning attacks, Megatagame II uses the Hurrier system like Senpuujin and Gaingain uses the Karakuri Ball system after Sargain analyzed it using Megatagame III).

In Hurricaneger vs. GaoRanger, he became GaoYellow. Receiving the Raging Arrow from Sandaaru to unlock its power, Sargain learns it function like the Shinobi Medals. Though he unlocked the Raging Arrow, he lost it when Gaingain was destroyed. But though he survived, a furious Sargain was ambushed by Sandaaru, who murdered Sargain with his own blade, seeing him pointless to keep around as he made a copy of Sargain's data on the Karakuri Ball system.



GaoYellow outfit

"Noble Eagle! GaoYellow!"

Power Animals




concept art

  • His name come from the word Thursday (サーズデイ Sāzudei) and his motif is the one of an ant.

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