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This article is about a/an villainous mecha in Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters.

FanZord (ファンゾード, Fanzōdo) is a MegaZord Beta sent to collect Enetron with Fanloid's data, most notibly the turbine on it's chest. It also had wings, allowing this MegaZord to fly.

It had arrived 3 kilometers above the usual drop height and flew way above the heads of the Go-Busters, and thus had the advantage on the grounded CB-01 Ace. When Yoko arrived and attempted to clash with this MegaZord, the FanZord used the turbine to blow RH-03 into the distance.

After sucking up some Enetron, Ryuji arrived in GT-02, and quickly assumed Animal Mode.

The FanZord was soon shut down when GT-02 Gorilla catapulted CB-01 Ace into the sky, allowing the built-in boosters to propel Ace well into range, and was hit by a charged slash.


  • Height: 43.0 m
  • Weight: 2990 t

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