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Fairy Dondon (妖精ドンドン Yōsei Dondon) was a meek and mild-mannered Dwarf from the Fairy Forest who was able to shrink and capture various items in the jars he carried to use as models for his sculptures. Answering a help-wanted add to be Pleprechuan's assistant, his nervous demeanor and less than intimidating creations enraged Bandora into throwing him out of the castle. Landing on Earth, Dondon met and befriended a young boy named Toshio who himself was constantly intimidated by his overly-strict mother and teacher. As the two went about capturing things in Dondon's bottles, their actions caught the attention of both Bandora and the Zyurangers. Fearful that the Zyurangers and other authority figures wanted to punish them (especially after accidently capturing Dan and Boi in one of the bottles), Dondon and Toshio were convinced by Bandora that their only choice was to destroy everyone who picked on them and were grown giant through her magic. However, after the Zyurangers helped Toshio's mother realize that her overbearing nature was partially responsible for his actions, Dondon and Toshio realized that what they were doing was wrong and loaned Daizyujin one of Dondon's bottles to use against the Bandora Gang who promptly fled before they could be captured. After returning to normal size, Toshio made up with his mother and Dondon returned to the fairy forest to continue his sculpting, giving Toshio a sculpture of Daizyujin as a farewell gift.


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