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This article is about a/an episode in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

Escape the Lost Galaxy is the forty-second episode of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, concluding the Lost Galaxy arc. The episode marks the end of Mike Corbett's time as the Galaxy Rangers ally the Magna Defender and the final appearances of the Torozord, Captain Mutiny and Barbarax. Trakeena returns as the focal villain.


Mike goes to Captain Mutiny's slave camp, wanting to free the slaves. Meanwhile, Kai reads the Keonta Spell backward and an inter-dimensional portal opens, providing an escape from the Lost Galaxy. Mike befriends a slave named Haley and together they free the slaves and make it to the Astro Megaship. As the portal begins to close, Mike shows up in the Defender Torozord and manages to reopen it, however the Zord is destroyed in the process. Terra Venture makes it through the portal, pursued by Captain Mutiny who pilots his castle through intent on conquering the new galaxy he's found, only for Trakeena to show up who quickly destroys the castle, killing Mutiny and his crew. Mike survives, however he's lost his powers in the process. Later, the spirit of the Magna Defender appears to Mike thanking him for continuing his legacy with honor.


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  • Terra Venture is incorrectly shown to have all its engines working.
  • Mike volunteers to be captured as the villains wouldn't know who he was, however he was personally responsible for foiling Hexuba's nightmare spell (while unmorphed).
    • It may be that the villains still had not actually made the connection that Mike was the Magna Defender, simply assuming that he was a plucky civilian.
  • Despite having being under heavy guard previously, Leo and Kai were shown to have possession of the Galaxy Book with no explanation.
  • Defender Torozord was grossly oversized in this episode, holding open the portal which was as big as Terra Venture despite having always been shown to battle inside the colony's far smaller domes.
    • Considering that Terra Venture only passed through the portal after Torozord exploded, it may be that the force of its destruction expanded the portal to a size where Terra Venture could pass through it after Torozord simply stopped it closing.
  • Why didn't Leo and Kai try to escape after the slaves were free? Mike would keep his powers and the Torozord.


  • This includes the first time in Power Rangers that a sentient zord would be destroyed.
  • There isn't much Sentai Footage.
  • Trakeena, Villamax & Kegler return in this episode.
  • This marks the final appearance of the Galaxy Book and the arc.

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