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"Ernie's BrainFreeze" is a juice bar located in a Harwood County mall, similar to the Angel Grove Youth Center. This is where the Mega Rangers like to hang out. It is owned and managed by Ernie.


On the first day of school, Emma Goodall and Gia Moran decided to hang out here, but after Emma could take shots of insect life in the woods. Jake Holling follows Gia here, dragging his best friend Noah Carver along. While Jake orders, a mysterious gust of wind and sparkling light teleports Jake, Gia and Noah. Ernie, who'd had his back turned had no idea where they went. Mega Mission

The mall was heavily damaged when the city was attacked by the Armada, Ernie hid in his juice bar as the X Borg troops entered the centre. Emma as Megaforce Pink went to the mall and defeated the X Borgs there, proceeding to BrainFreeze where she found Ernie, uninjured albeit a little shaken. She helped him up, assuring him it was safe for now. Super Megaforce (episode)

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