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Erin is the best friend of Shelby Watkins from Power Rangers Dino Super Charge.

Character History

Erin is first seen at the Amber Beach Dino Cafe having conversation with other Rangers however Shelby and Erin have been best friends since Kindergarten. Erin gives Rangers a ice cream one by one, the monster appear to attack the Rangers. After the Spikeballs was destroyed by the Rangers and they ran off, Erin looks at the Spikeballs' club on the ground and the reporters find her and stating that she is the new Pink Ranger resulting in send to the breaking news. Shelby was furious with Erin after she finds out that she's taking a credit of being a Pink Ranger without her permission. It turns out Erin was kidnapped by Halfbake after Shelby gives her a phone. After the Rangers destroy Halfbake, they rescue Erin from Halfbake's prison after being turned to a dough. After the battle with Halfbake, Erin apologize to Shelby for getting a credit from the Pink Ranger. Erin, Shelby, and other Rangers sings the Triceratops song


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Behind the Scenes

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