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Eriko Ikeda (池田江里子 Ikeda Eriko) is the bespectacled wearing owner of a coffee shop typically frequented by Makito Ozu. Makito typically hung out at the shop trying to win over Eriko believing himself in love with her, but she ended up ignoring all of his advances, not showing any interest in him.

Seeing Makito's interest in gardening and plants, Eriko challenges him to make a flower bloom on a cactus known for not having any flowers, which he easily accepts believing it as enough to win her love. However while the cactus does actually grow a flower, it is not due to Makito himself but the influence of Hades Beast Specter, which makes the plant grow sentience and attack the team even as it actually grows the elusive flower. As the Specter-influenced cactus attempts to attack Eriko, Makito protects her with his life, finally appearing to win her over in his own way.Stage 10: If the Flower Blooms

Eriko only appears one more time, meeting up with Makito and his siblings after an incident only to feel more interested in their new teacher, Hikaru.Stage 21: Let's Go on the Magic Express

Behind the Scenes

Eriko Ikeda was played by Sayaka Fukuoka (福岡 サヤカ Fukuoka Sayaka).