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Episode. 48: Fireball Succession

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This article is about a/an episode in Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger.

Fireball Succession (ファイヤーボール・サクセション Faiyābōru Sakuseshon?) is the forty-eighth episode of Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger.


After being recruited into joining the elite S.P.D. Fire Squad, Ban begins to wonder whether the Dekaranger of Earth can do without him. While Tetsu plans to prove he can take over Ban's role on the team, a body-manipulating Alienizer begins Abrella's final plan for their downfall.


Since Episode 47, Ban has been accepted as a Fire Squad member but after a short time before leaving, he choose Umeko as leadership but leave Hoji as leader.Before leave the Dekabase, Ban went a talk with Tetsu a moment and leave him as a new Fireball Member.After a talk, he saw a robber stole a car from a man so he use his power to capture him but he saw a jellyfish come out of the body but the robber killed himself.Then Ban saw a jellyfish come out and stole Ban's body.After that, the team went to the robber's place and found Ban has been possessed by a jellyfish.Hoji and Tetsu chase Ban while him been captured by the jellyfish but they soon managed to destroy and transform to chase him. After a while, they manage to see Ban has been captured by Jellyfish and takes over his body until Ban's heart will stop and dies. Also, Jellyfish want to use Ban's body to use the KoKo Capsule to expolde Earth and he use 9 KoKo Capsule to destroy 9 planets. They won't let him to do that until Tetsu manage to punch directly into his heart and right after that, Ban has been fallen to death and Jellyfish tries to get Tetsu's body but he manage to shoots it down using the Fire Fist on his BraceThorttle to him so it can be killed.Ban has been fast falling ot his death until Tetsu manages to revived him.So Ban can join the Fire Squad but Jellyfish revived himself and summon his robot to battle the Dekarangers.The rangers summon their vehicle to tranform into Riding Dekaranger Robo and then transform to Super Dekaranger Robo to attack Jellyfish.Meanwhile,Abrella use a driller to punch through the DekaBase and summon his army to attack DekaMaster.Now after a long battle, the Dekarangers use Jugdement Time and Gattling Punch to finish off Jellyfish but been called by Swan that the DekaBase has been invaded by Agent Abrella.Jellyfish see a opening that fire the Robo.They almost been downed by Jellyfish.Meanwhile, DekaMaster went to the base and found out that Abrella has attacked the DekaBase.What will happen next? Found out in the next episode of Dekaranger!


DVD releases

Dekaranger DVD Vol 12

Dekaranger Volume 12, DVD cover

Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger Volume 12 features episodes 46-50: Episode. 46: Propose Panic, Episode. 47: Wild Heart, Cool Brain, Episode. 48: Fireball Succession, Episode. 49: Devil's DekaBase and Episode. 50: Forever Dekaranger. [1]


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