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The Laughing Diamond (笑うダイヤ Warau Daiya) is the eighth episode of Choujin Sentai Jetman.


A diamond cursed in giving violence and madness is changed into a Dimension Beast that turns Ako against Kaori.


A very rich Japanese man has brought his famous "Bloody Diamond" and several blue-bloods are coming to see it on display. Maria thinks this is deeply amusing, so she sets a bio-changer on the diamond, which suddenly increases in size.

Kaori comes to view the diamond, bringing Ako with her. When they arrive, the man flirts with both of them. Then one of the security guards comes screaming out of the back room and attacking people. Ako hands Kaori her purse and knocks the man unconscious. They tie him up in the back room when screaming and shouting breaks out in the display room.

When they take the cover off the Bloody Diamond and see how large it is, everyone is delighted except the owner, who wonders what happened to the real diamond. Thus he is looking away when beams of light shoot out and send everyone into berserk greed. Kaori and Ako tear in, make the connection between the diamond and people rioting and throw it outside, where it assumes its full size as the Diamond-monster. Just as the other Jetmen arrive, Ako takes a blast full-on. Regaining consciousness the first thing she does is attack her teammates. They are forced to tie Ako up in a room, where she screams and threatens them.

They take the owner of the diamond aside to demand if he can shed any light on what's happening. He relates the Bloody Diamond's bloody history. During the French Revolution men and women slaughtered each other to gain possession of it, the greed for its shining beauty overriding all else.

While the others fight the Diamond monster, Kaori comes up with a scheme she thinks will work to free Ako. To the family butler's distress, she sends him all over town to buy up all the jewelry in the shops. She brings Ako to her house and literally drowns her in jewelry. Ako is gasping, unable to decide which way to turn with all these shining jewels, but it takes a sharp slap from Kaori to finally break the monster's spell. Ako blinks up at her teammate, "what'd you hit me for?" Together the team is able to defeat the monster.


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When Ako is first infected by the spell from the monster she is wearing a formal dress, but when it shows her tied up at headquarters a few minutes later she is wearing her regular outfit.

DVD releases

Jetman DVD Vol 1

Jetman Volume 1, DVD cover

Choujin Sentai Jetman Volume 1 features episodes 1-10. [1]