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Ryuu's Marriage!? (竜の結婚!? Ryū no Kekkon!?) is the seventh episode of Choujin Sentai Jetman.


Ryu becomes pestered by his grandmother to meet a girl for an arranged marriage while Maria sends out a mirror-trapping Dimension Beast.


All over town, people are getting sucked into mirrors while staring at their reflections. A young boy primping his be-bop haircut, a woman trying on new clothes at the department store...

A little old white-haired lady hurries onto the rush-hour train. When a young man will not give up his seat to her, she starts whacking him on the head. Off the train she is hurrying by a tennis court when a ball falls and hits her right on the head. A tall young man comes rushing out to see if she's all right, and the frustrated old lady grabs his hand and flips him. Then she takes a good look at him and calls him by name.

This is Kinuyo Tendo, and she is Ryu's old grandmother. She has decided it is high time a responsible young man like him should get married. So she has come with a picture of a sweet girl from a good family to introduce Ryu and the girl to each other. Ryu cannot find a way to beg off without deeply offending her. Chokan finds the news nothing less than irritating. Gai offers to help Ryu get out of this, prompting Lyta to check his temperature to see if he's ill.

Ryu, looking extremely uncomfortable and irritated in a nice suit, is having dinner with the demure young woman and his grandma. Raita, dressed sleazily, arrives at the table and demands Ryu pay his gambling debts. Kaori arrives in a slinky red dress claiming Ryu's her boyfriend and how dare he leave her for another woman. She gives the other girl quite an offended glare. In the midst of their act a scream outside sends them running to see a girl getting sucked into her pocket-mirror. They battle against the mirror monster which grabs Ryu, and Kaori karate-chops its tentacle. They manage to drive it off for now.

Grandmother Tendo makes the Jetmen all a fine traditional Japanese dinner, as Ryu tries and TRIES to explain to her that he does not want to meet women,he is too busy with dangerous work for that right now. She pays him no attention.

She watches from behind trees as Ryu walks with the girl, Emiko, next to a lake. Ryu is explaining that his job makes it impossible to get involved just at this moment. The girl counters that she already has a fiancee, it's just that there is no way to politely refuse the old lady, except to go through with the meeting and then say he was not satisfactory. Besides, she thinks there is someone closer to him who loves him (thinking of the look on Kaori's face, which Ryu did not see). A moment later the mirror monster sucks her up.

The Jetman fight the mirror monster, and Maria warns them mockingly that they cannot break its surface, or the people trapped inside it will die. Caught between a rock and a hard place they get the worst of the battle. When all seems lost and the monster is about to blast them, Grandma Tendo steps out from the bushes and uses her pocket-mirror to reflect the monster's beam back away, catching Maria, who must release everyone to get herself free. The Jetmen defeat the mirror-monster.

Walking together some days later, Ryu shows the others a letter from the girl, saying she's getting married. They are delighted, and he is relieved he won't have to go through that again. However, Grandmother Tendo comes running down the path with pictures of several more girls she wants to introduce to Ryu. He runs.


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  • The opening slightly changes in this episode, with footage of Jet Icarus' formation during the second half; the scene with the five Jetman and their human counterparts is moved to the first half in place of a shorter version of the initial Jet Machine flight scene.
  • During an early Mirror Dimension attack on a male victim, the song heard in the background is "Pharaoh no you ni" by Japanese heavy metal band Seikima-II.
  • Ryu's comical antics during this episode is a reference to Shirou Gou in Choudenshi Bioman in the episode, Ultimate Canth's Demon Sword where both Red rangers pose as suitors for the woman involved in arranged marriage (Emiko was chosen as Ryu's fiance until she reveals to him that she was already married while Akiko convinces Shiro to be her suitor due to her family tradition until the ruse is over.) In the end of the episode, both Red rangers ran away comically from the woman's parents (Both Akiko's father Kanemitsu and Ryu's grandmother Kinuyo respectively ) who wanted them to be their son in-law for their daughter or daughter in-law for their son.

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Jetman DVD Vol 1

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Choujin Sentai Jetman Volume 1 features episodes 1-10. [1]