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Black Jamming!! A Primeval Roar (黒い妨害電波!! 原始の雄叫び Kuroi Hōgaidenpa!! Genshi no Osakebi) is the seventy-eighth episode of Himitsu Sentai Goranger.


A Masked Monster takes the guise of a friend of Daita's in order to use him to find the Gorenger Base and set off a jamming wave on their equipment.


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Guest Cast

Suit Actors


  • Commander Kurokawa (as well as Mammoth Mask disguised as Kurokawa) is portrayed by Kin Oomae (Banriki Demon King in Denziman).
    • Both Oomae and Baku Hatakeyama previously worked together in the 1974-1975 Tsurubaya sereis Saru no Gundan, which was later dubbed and released in the United States by Sandy Frank as Time of the Apes.

DVD releases

Gorenger DVD Vol 13

Gorenger Volume 13, DVD cover

Himitsu Sentai Gorenger Volume 13 features episodes 73-78: Ep. 73: Black Whirlwind!! It's a Contest! A Straight Line, Ep. 74: Freezing Blue Wave!! The Plan to Freeze Earth, Ep. 75: Fiery Crimson Hell!! Stove Mask's Conspiracy, Ep. 76: Crimson Infiltration!! Did You See Tsuyoshi Kaijo?, Ep. 77: Black Fear!! The Bloodsucking Snake-Woman, and Ep. 78: Black Jamming!! A Primeval Roar. [1]

81TWvXKGK7L. SL1378

Gorenger Box 5, Blu-ray cover

Blu-ray Box 5 comes with 17 episodes.