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Respective Battles to the Death (それぞれの死闘 Sorezore no Shitō) is the fiftieth episode of Choujin Sentai Jetman. This is the third of the four-episode endgame arc, featuring the climactic battles with both Radiguet and Grey.


Driven by anger to avenge Rie's death, Ryu goes to face Radiguet alone; while Gai is forced by Grey to face him in a one-on-one final showdown.


Gai and Kaori are semi-made up. They sit together watching Ryu and Raita race in boats across a lake. Kaori says hopefully, "I think he's recovering from Rie's death." Gai says, "Do you really think so?" in a tone of clear doubt. Working on the Jet Striker, Ryu loses it and takes off to the place where he'd last seen Radiguet. He is ready for the final battle, ready to fight to the death. The other Jetmen head after him, but they encounter Grey on the way. Grey and Gai stand together for a duel. The other Jetmen continue off after Ryu. Ryu and Radiguet are in the midst of battle, their strikes even more vicious than ever before. No holds barred. Ryu tells the others to stay out of the fight. Meanwhile, Gai nearly dies in the battle with Grey, but manages to fire Grey's own weapon giving a fatal wound. Dying, Grey asks Gai to light his cigar. As his power fades out, his soul releases his body and wings its way to join Maria. Kaori is injured protecting Ryu. While Raita and Ako fight Radiguet, Ryu takes her aside to doctor her wounds in an abandoned shack. She lectures him with all her heart about how his thoughts and feelings are a danger to them all if he only thinks of himself. As she speaks, Rie's ghost manifests, taking over and Ryu turns to see her. Their conversation is sweet and sad, he comes to hold her, weeping, and she leaves, so it is Kaori in his arms. Together they come out to fight Radiguet. Gai arrives. The team forms a firebird. Radiguet transforms into the giant monster that has been appearing and doing nothing for all this time. As the sun sets, they begin to fight.



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DVD releases

Jetman DVD Vol 5

Jetman Volume 5, DVD cover

Choujin Sentai Jetman Volume 5 features episodes 42-51. [1]