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Smash it! Shibolena's Trap (砕くぞ! シボレナの罠 Kudaku zo! Shiborena no Wana) is the fourth episode of Denji Sentai Megaranger.


Kouichirou discovers Shibolena performing infiltrations through the internet, forcing him in a situation where the other Megaranger may be rushing into combat without his help.


Using the Internet as a medium, Shibolena is hypnotizing people into committing crimes. Her magic affects one of the Megarangers' teachers, and Kouichirou is injured as a result. The other Megarangers decide to let Kouichirou rest while they head to the enemy's lair. Kouichirou wakes up, and he tells his friends that they're probably being lured into a trap. Just as Endo had expected, Kenta and the others are caught in Chameleon Nejire's dimension. Mega Black tracks Shibolenas real hideout down, and he confronts Chameleon Nejire. The monster is capable of becoming invisible so Mega Black uses his satellite ability to expose the enemy's whereabouts. Mega Black then blasts the beast, freeing his teammates from the hellish dimension. The Megarangers regroup and defeat Chameleon Nejire by combining the Mega Weapons with the Mega Snipers. Bibidebi arrives to revive the fallen minion. After Galaxy Mega's Saber Electromagnetic Whip subdues the opponent, the Megaranger executes Mega Side Cutter. To alleviate Kouichirou’s guilt, the heroes humor his new strict Megaranger daily regime.


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Denji Sentai Megaranger Volume 1 features episodes 1-11. [1]

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