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Ep. 49: The Rebel Army of Class 2-5

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This article is about a/an episode in Battle Fever J.

The Rebel Army of Class 2-5 (2年5組の反乱軍 Ninen Gokumi no Hanrangun) is the forty-ninth episode of Battle Fever J.


Masaru and his class are brainwashed by a flytrap Egos Monster into becoming reckless rebels who do as they please and work for their evil cause.


Egos creates a kaijin that changes into a catchfly plant (like a Venus Flytrap). It hides in Masaru’s classroom, where the students are all excited about watching it eat flies. It then hypnotizes them and turns them all into juvenile delinquents. Although he is caught several times, Masaru successfully lies his way out of trouble. The kaijin steps up their education, and begins having them build bombs. Keiko, Tomoko, and their teacher discover the conspiracy, and are tied up at the school with the first bomb. Battle Fever arrives just in time to diffuse the bomb and break the spell.


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  • This is the first Super Sentai episode to air in the 1980s.

DVD releases


Battle Fever J Volume 5, DVD cover

Battle Fever J Volume 5 features episodes 44-52. [1]


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