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Maria... Her Love and Death (マリア…その愛と死 Maria… Sono Ai to Shi) is the forty-ninth episode of Choujin Sentai Jetman. This is the second episode of the four episode endgame, featuring the final fate of Rie Aoi (Maria).


As Ryu succumbs to the vampiric power controlled by Maria, the female Vyram commander tries to figure out where she truly belongs as she goes forth one final time.


On the Vyram space-ship, Radiguet is still suffering power spasms. Grey worries about Maria, he tries to talk to her, telling her how worried he is about what this is doing to her. She, however, is feeling more powerful every moment. She knows she is getting stronger. She doesn't care that it's transforming her. Ryu returns to the Jetmen and they are repairing the robots when he attacks Kaori. The Jetmen are able to cage him, and he writhes madly, snarling, burning with a need for blood. An image of Maria in the park appears on their screens. Gai orders Kaori to stay there with Ryu, and takes Raita and Ako out to seek Maria. They leave the base only to find Grey confronting them. He tells them what's happened, that this situation is destroying the humanity in Maria, whom he loves. He asks them to help her. Ryu descends into screaming madness. Kaori can't take watching him suffer, and goes into the cage, begging him to fight it. Ryu nearly dies to refuse the bloodlust. It is a very near thing, but the starfish thing detaches from his neck and goes after Kaori. Chokan shoots it. They go to the other Jetmen, who are fighting a losing battle with Maria. Ryu lets her catch him and draws her to him, holding her tight. He says that, though he looks horrible, he still loves her, he will always love her. And he kisses her. In shock, she tears free of him, her mind first then her powers disrupted as she remembers the life of Rie. The starfish thing detaches and goes after Ryu, but he destroys it. Maria transforms into Rie, who is awake and comes to Ryu, but Radiguet comes. He blasts Ryu and demands Rie return to him. She does not become Maria in appearance, but she goes to Radiege. But Maria is no longer Maria, and Rie is no longer only Rie. The two souls have been fused, or something. Radiguet goes after Ryu to kill him. But Maria grabs Ryu's sword and shoves it into Radiguet's back. With a snarl, he spins and slices her. Then he realizes what he's done. With a sobbing laugh, he cries, "You are MINE, not Red Hawk's!" He staggers back and disappears to reappear on his ship. Maria won't let Ryu near to help her. She stands, blood dripping down her sleeves. She tells him that she cannot return to the life she had led. Her hands are drenched in blood. She tells him to forget her. Grey appears and she shrinks back into his arms. They disappear together. He carries her into the ocean. "Is this what you wanted?" he asks her. She tells him "No. I was lying. I wanted to live. And I wanted to stay with him." She dies in his arms, whispering Ryu's name. Her body disintegrates in Grey's tears. Ryu on a cliff weeps, somehow sensing her death.



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DVD releases

Jetman DVD Vol 5

Jetman Volume 5, DVD cover

Choujin Sentai Jetman Volume 5 features episodes 42-51. [1]