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Ep. 48: The Great Thief and the Robber Boy

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This article is about a/an episode in Battle Fever J.

The Great Thief and the Robber Boy (大盗賊と泥棒少年 Dai Tōzoku to Dorobō Shōnen) is the forty-eighth episode of Battle Fever J.


Shida tries to save a boy trapped into working as a thief for an Egos Monster controlling a massive wave of robberies.


While shopping, with Kyosuke, Keiko and Tomoko get their purses stolen by a young boy named Shige. Escaping, Shige meets up with his young sister Kayo, and they plan on finally having something to eat. But when they get home, a sinister man, their benefactor, is waiting for them, and roughly takes all the money. With only a few coins, they buy what food they can.

The next day, Kyosuke follows Shige around like a hawk, and prevents him from stealing anything else. With no income, Shige gets severely beaten when he arrives home. Kyosuke, still following, encounters their benefactor, who turns out to be an Egos kaijin. After fighting and withdrawing, Kyosuke learns that Shige and Kayo’s mother died, and their father is nowhere to be found, leaving a huge debt. In exchange for food and kerosene, the Egos kaijin forced them to steal.

Unfortunately, after Kyosuke leaves, Egos rounds up Shige and many other thieves in their employ and forces them into a prisoner camp. While in the camp, Shige discovers his dad alive, though a fellow prisoner. Egos straps a bomb to the wrist of every prisoner and sends them on a massive crime spree.

Kyosuke again catches Shige stealing, but Shige shows him the bomb and begs for his help. He takes Kyosuke back to the prison camp, where they encounter the kaijin. Just before the kaijin blows them up, the others arrive and destroy the detonator, saving all the unwilling thieves.


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  • This is the last Super Sentai episode to air in the 1970s.

DVD releases


Battle Fever J Volume 5, DVD cover

Battle Fever J Volume 5 features episodes 44-52. [1]


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