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Ep. 46: The New Year's Manga Hell

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This article is about a/an episode in Ninja Sentai Kakuranger.

The New Year's Manga Hell (新春まんが地獄 Shinshun Manga Jigoku?) is the forty-sixth episode of Ninja Sentai Kakuranger.


The Kakuranger become trapped in the manga created by a Yokai to be read by a boy which may cause their doom within the fictional work!


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DVD releases

Kakuranger DVD Vol 5

Kakuranger Volume 5, DVD cover

  • Ninja Sentai Kakuranger Volume 5 features episodes 44-53. [1]

Kakuranger Complete Season DVD cover

  • The complete Kakuranger series was released in America by Shout! Factory in 2016.

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