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Ep. 46: The Cursed Straw Doll

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This article is about a/an episode in Battle Fever J.

The Cursed Straw Doll (呪いのワラ人形 Noroi no Wara Ningyō) is the forty-sixth episode of Battle Fever J.


A boy gains control of a cursed doll Egos Monster that allows him to inflict punishment on anyone he wants.


A boy named Igawa Takuro is hiding in the park, hammering a nail into a paper doll, trying to curse someone. Sarome arrives and hands him a straw doll to hammer into, which grows into the full sized Egos kaijin and promises to grant his curse. In the firelight ritual, the kaijin hammers the nail in his chest, and transfers the powerful curse. The curse turns out to be on Tomoko and Yuki, who experience extreme pain in the night. When they receive a prank call, Battle Fever discovers Takuro, who turns out to be Yuki’s classmate. When he is reprimanded by his parents and Shiro, he vows to curse them at 3PM. Surely enough, at 3PM all three experience extreme pain, and Takuro revels in his victory. All over, people begin approaching Takuro, asking him to help them curse their rivals. When Yuki confronts him, she begins to realize that his behavior stemmed from an unrequited crush he had on her. Takuro runs to rendezvous with Sarome, when Battle Fever arrives to intervene. But they are overpowered by the the kaijin’s curse, which he says will kill them in 3 days. When Takuro publicly announces this latest curse, he is immediately vilified for cursing Japan’s heroes. But Battle Fever arrives to protect him. Finally repentant, Takuro tells Battle Fever of his initial encounter with Sarome. They then figure out that the power of the curse lies in the nail in the kaijin’s chest, and they all work to pry it from him and break the curse.

DVD releases


Battle Fever J Volume 5, DVD cover

Battle Fever J Volume 5 features episodes 44-52. [1]


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