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Dark Sword Shark! Attack of the Marine Hitman (暗黒の剣鮫! 海の殺し屋襲来 Ankoku no Ken Same! Umi no Koroshiya Shūrai) is the forty-fifth episode of Himitsu Sentai Gorenger. It is the last episode to feature Eisuke Yoda as the voice of Volcano Mask General Magman, he would be voiced by Shōzō Iizuka next episode onwards.


The Gorenger must protect EAGLE oil tankers from being sabotaged by a shark Masked Monster attacking from underwater.


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DVD releases

Gorenger DVD Vol 8

Gorenger Volume 8, DVD cover

Himitsu Sentai Gorenger Volume 8 features episodes 43-48: Ep. 43: The Crimson Phoenix! Enter, the Invincible Varidreen, Ep. 44: Blue Multi-Purpose Tank! Varitank Launches, Ep. 45: Dark Sword Shark! Attack of Marine Hitmen, Ep. 46: Black Super Express! Locomotive Mask's Big Rampage, Ep. 47: Big Red Counterattack! Angry Gorenger, and Ep. 48: The Black Supply Depot! Close Call at the Theme Park. [1]

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Gorenger Box 3, Blu-ray cover

Blu-ray Box 3 comes with 17 episodes.