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The Great Escape - Heli Explosion (大脱走・ヘリ爆破 Dai Dassō - Heri Bakuha) is the forty-fourth episode of Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan.


An Air Force partner of Hiba's is brought on to train with Sun Vulcan for a new secret weapon, only to appear to sell out the team to give their secrets to Black Magma!


Chief Arashiyama informs Sun Vulcan that in preparation of receiving a new weapon that will make Sun Vulcan even more powerful, Guardians of Peace HQ would send a test pilot to do practice drills. It turns out that the new test pilot is Junichi Yamane, Hiba's old friend from the Guardians of Peace Air Force who is now a commissioned officer. Hiba also reveals that Yamane was at one point considered a candidate to become Vulcan Eagle.

Yamane then meets Misa Arashiyama. Once Yamane finds out Misa is the Chief's daughter, he immediately tries to ask her out on a date. Misa does not have a chane to respond because she is summoned upstairs, but as soon as she leaves Yamane starts looking through the top secret paperwork in the room. Chief Arashiyama walks into the room and discovers that the papers in the room were touched and immediately knows that Yamane was looking for something.

That night, when Misa is walking outside, she is attacked by a flying monster and is saved by Yamane. Not long after that, Misa agrees to go on a date with Yamane. During the date, Yamane keeps asking Misa about the blueprints to Sun Vulcan Robo, but Misa refuses, insisting they are top secret. When Yamane returns to base, he sees Hiba in the hallway and it is revealed that Yamane holds a lot of animosity toward Hiba because Hiba was picked as Vulcan Eagle instead of him. Hiba is surprised by this because the two had been extremely close friends in training and had vowed to always work together.

Their conversation is interrupted when a new monger, Flying Squirrel Monger, attacks the town. Sun Vulcan is able to thwart the attack, forcing Flying Squirrel MOnger, the Zero Girls, and Amazon Killer to retreat. During the attack, however, Yamane uses the opportunity to steal the Sun Vulcan Robo blueprints, assumingly to turn over to Black Magma as a spy. Unbeknownst to him, however, Chief Arashiyama foresaw this and had replaced the real blueprints with fake ones.

Hiba is enraged when he finds out that Yamane had stolen the blueprints (albeit fake), but tells the rest of Sun Vulcan that he needs to find Yamane because he knows Black Magma will kill him once they find out the blueprints are fake. Indeed, when Yamane turns over the blueprints to Amazon Killer, Amazon Killer is enraged once she sees the blueprints are fake. At that point, however, Yamane reveals that he was merely posing as Black Magma's blueprints, and was hoping to use the opportunity of turning over the blueprints to Führer Hell Saturn as an opportunity to kill him. Yamane pulls out a gun to try to kill Amazon Killer but he is easily overpowered by Black Magma and captured. An enraged Amazon Killer intends to simply brainwash Yamane and force him to be their spy and have him lead Black Magma straight to the Sun Vulcan base. Just before they can do this, however, Hiba (as Vulcan Eagle) breaks into the hideout and saves Yamane. In the process, Hiba's Vulcan Eagle suit is damaged, and he is forced to abandon it and flee in the Land Vulcan while being pursued by Black Magma machinemen with machine guns in a helicoptor and car.

Just as all hope seems lost, Vulcan Panther and Vulcan Shark show up and manage to destroy the helicoptor. Hiba still does not have a Vulcan Eagle suit, however, so Misa intervenes by piloting the Vulcan Jaguar to deliver Hiba a new suit, allowing Hiba to transform into Vulcan Eagle to fight the machinemen and Flying Squirrel Monger. Flying Eagle Monger is eventually destroyed by Sun Vulcan Robo's Aura Plazma Return, and Hiba and Yamane reaffirm their friendship.


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Sun Vulcan secret weapon blueprints

The blueprints for the Guardians of Peace's weapon.

DVD releases

Sun Vulcan DVD Vol 5

Sun Vulcan Volume 5, DVD cover

Taiyou Sentai Sun Vulcan Volume 5 features episodes 41-50. [1]