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Majin Robot! Veronica (魔神ロボ!ベロニカ Majin Robo! Beronika) is the forty-fourth episode of Choujin Sentai Jetman. It is the first of a two-part story involving the Jetman facing Tranza's ultimate weapon: the Majin Robo Veronica.


Tranza unveils his ultimate robotic weapon, whose power is enough to force Jetman into their ultimate crisis.


Kaori and Gai are having dinner at Kaori's place with her parents. Gai suddenly gets up and leaves the dinner as Kaori runs after him, he tells her that he believes that Kaori is trying to change him into a high class person and he can't be changed. Kaori confides with Ako and tells her that her and Gai barely talk about anything anymore and that she feels that she's with a different person. Ako doesn't take the conversation that seriously since she's eating but affectionately encounrages her to make up with him. Gai is hanging out with a couple of girls for swimming, but his mind is on Kaori. Suddenly, a girl is snatched from her deck chair without anyone noticing. All over the city, people are being snatched away by the Vyram's minions. Tranza is hooking them up into his robot's circuitry and using their life forces as a power source. As the battle gets to be to much for the Jetmen, everyone starts to exit when parts of Great Icarus start collasping as they began to exit trapping Raita, Kaori, and Ako who decide to take another route to exit but are caught by the Vyram since Ryu and Gai escaped out the main exit, making it out and wondering if everyone else has escaped out the other exit.


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DVD releases

Jetman DVD Vol 5

Jetman Volume 5, DVD cover

Choujin Sentai Jetman Volume 5 features episodes 42-51. [1]