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Assassin Jackal (暗殺者ジャッカル Ansatsusha Jakkaru) is the forty-third episode of Battle Fever J.


Egos hires an assassin to kill Battle Fever, unaware of his long history with his former friend Akebono.


Egos hires an assassin, codenamed Jackal. So Shiro decides to brush up on his marksmanship, just in case. While at the shooting range, he runs into Takeuchi Tsuyoshi, his old friend from Africa, with whom Shiro had worked on wildlife preservation. Little does Shiro know that Tsuyoshi is Jackal. Battle Fever receives a message that Egos is planning to bomb the World Peace Center, which is a trap to give Jackal an opportunity to shoot Battle Fever.

However, when he shoots Battle Kenya, the battle suit protects Shiro, and the bullet ricochets and hits an innocent little girl, Megumi. As they are visiting her in the hospital, Jackal tries again, but discovers that Battle Kenya is his old friend Shiro. In his hesitation, the others catch him, and Shiro is shocked by disbelief. Egos intervenes, and Tsuyoshi escapes. Shiro is devastated, and recalls Tsuyoshi’s compassion, when he held a dying lion cub in his arms for 3 days and nights, nursing it back to health.

However, Jackal trying to retain his reputation, kidnaps Megumi and issues a challenge to Shiro. Although he knows Tsuyoshi is a much better shot, Shiro rushes to duel his old friend. In their confrontation, Shiro cannot bring himself to shoot his Tsuyoshi and drops his gun. As he walks towards Megumi, Tsuyoshi shoots, but only hits Shiro’s shoulder.

Egos then attacks the scene, and Tsuyoshi is killed in the explosions. Shiro is left to mourn his old friend, and believe that there must have been some compassion left in his heart in order for him to miss.


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Battle Fever J Volume 4, DVD cover

Battle Fever J Volume 4 features episodes 34-43. [1]