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Ep. 42: Lose Them! The Evil Stalkers

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This article is about a/an episode in Denji Sentai Megaranger.

Lose Them! The Evil Stalkers (ふりきれ! 邪悪な追跡者 Furikire! Jaaku na Tsuisekisha?) is the forty-second episode of Denji Sentai Megaranger. This is the fifth of the six episode Neziranger arc.


The Megaranger work to guide Miku away from the remaining Neziranger, who are working together to track down and reveal their prey.


Koichiro counted the left over Nejiranger that they have to face while saying that they must keep their guard up. He, however, goes into furious state immedially when he sees Kenta and Shun stealing each other food. Koichiro's anger then goes up more when he heard that Miku and Chisato are spending the time they're supposed to be at the meeting, preparing for the christmas time that's about to come.

At the Nejire Base, Hinelar wonders why his creation, the Nejiranger, was defeated so easily. The remaining three, NejiRed, NejiBlack and NejiYellow soon appeared and said to Hinelar that only three of them is enough to defeat the Megaranger. They then purpose a new plan to him that they'll track down and kill the Megaranger in their human form before they have a chance to transform. They divided the task, NejiYellow checks the structure, NejiBlack checks the movement and NejiRed checks the voice and disguised themselves as a human to fufill this scheme. They almost target Chisato but mistake her for another girl that used the phonebox after her, allowing Chisato to escape and warn the rest.

Knowing that the Nejiranger may targets Miku's voice, Koichiro told Kenta to instead sent warning message to Miku via pager and tell her not to speak. Miku then called them for more info. and set off to get back to meet up with everyone. During her "journey" she evaded NejiYellow and had give a kiss to a punk that threatened her to confuse him.



  • Shibolena, Bibidebi, and Yugande didn't appear in this episode and thus, Asami Jo, Tomokazu Seki and Hirotaka Suzuoki were not credited.
  • During Miku's journey around Kourakuen Amusement Park, Johan Strauss the II's The Blue Danube can be heard in the background.
  • The other reason that the Nejiranger are unsure that Miku is MegaPink is likely because that both of their body structure are different (MegaPink's suit actor is shorter than Mami Higashiama).

DVD releases

Megaranger DVD Vol 5

Megaranger Volume 5, DVD cover

Denji Sentai Megaranger Volume 5 features episodes 42-51. [1]

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