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Red alert WARNING: This episode contains scenes of alcohol use and gambling. Viewer discretion is advised!

Spin, Roulette of Life (廻せ命のルーレット Mawase Inochi no Rūretto) is the thirty-ninth episode of Choujin Sentai Jetman.


Gai faces Gray in a roulette showdown in order to win back his team after they become captured.


Tranza is bullying Maria and Radiguet. Grey flips and coin and wins the toss. It's his turn (a two-headed coin). Grey creates the cat-monster. When it attacks, most of the Jetmen are turned into chess pieces and Grey picks them up. Gai manages to tear away a chunk of Grey's armor, and the robot needs it back. They deal to meet at a gambling casino and play the roulette wheel. Gai broke the chunk into four pieces so he would have four chances to win his friends back. Maria stands at Grey's side. Grey is able to gauge where the ball will wind up, and it looks bad for Gai. Aya comes in and intimidates the Vyram. The last spin of the roulette wheel, and Gai wins! Jet Robo lifted the casino and tilted it. Cheating, yes, but they did win.


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  • With a rating of 12.0%, this was the highest rated episode of Jetman, 4.9% above the series average.

DVD releases

Jetman DVD Vol 4

Jetman Volume 4, DVD cover

  • Choujin Sentai Jetman Volume 4 features episodes 31-41.[1]

Choujin Sentai Jetman The Complete Series

Jetman: The Complete Series (Shout! Factory)

  • The complete Jetman series was be released in North America by Shout! Factory on September 25, 2018.