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Ep. 38: Bizarre! The Costume Party

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This article is about a/an episode in Battle Fever J.

Bizarre! The Costume Party (怪奇! 仮装行列 Kaiki! Kasōgyōretsu) is the thiry-eighth episode of Battle Fever J.


While pursuing a thieving Egos Monster, Battle Fever are forced to join into a costume party in the woods which also houses Egos' lab.


Egos creates a kaijin who appears to be a poisoned man. When the poisoned man is taken to the hospital and cannot be cured, he is the taken to the Blood Research Center, where he has access to all of the poisons in the world. After he has stolen all of the poisons, Battle Fever pursues him to a mysterious costume party hosted by Miss Fujiko (where a kaijin would fit right in). So Battle Fever crashes the party (in the native garb of their respective countries). But everyone at the party turns out to be Egos and the entire party, one big trap.


DVD releases


Battle Fever J Volume 4, DVD cover

Battle Fever J Volume 4 features episodes 34-43. [1]


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