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Birth! Emperor Tranza (誕生!帝王トランザ Tanjō! Teiō Toranza) is the thirty-seventh episode of Choujin Sentai Jetman. It is the conclusion of the two-parter involving the arrival of Tranza and his impact on both the Jetman and Vyram.


With Tran reaching an adult form, the reborn Tranza decides to show his superiority to all, including the Jetman and Vyram!


The Jetmen are puzzled by a handsome stranger who first trounces Ryu in hand to hand combat, then out-golfs Gai and lastly out-eats Raita. Radiguet attacks the Jetmen, but the stranger intervenes. He raises his arm, drags Grey and Maria from the spaceship then reveals himself to be Tran, now Tranza. He enjoys himself beating both groups. Back at the spaceship he establishes a new pecking order. Ryu and Raita work to determine how to defeat one of Tranza's tactics, but Tranza kidnaps Ryu and nearly kills him. Ryu is saved just in time by Radiguet's monster, meant to kill them both. The Jetmen destroy it. Tranza beats Radiguet into submission, a foolish tactic considering the end result.


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DVD releases

Jetman DVD Vol 4

Jetman Volume 4, DVD cover

Choujin Sentai Jetman Volume 4 features episodes 31-41. [1]