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Ep. 36: Shoot-Out! 0.3 Seconds!

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This article is about a/an episode in Dai Sentai Goggle V.

Shoot-Out! 0.3 Seconds! (決闘! 0・3秒! Kettō! 0.3byō!) is the thirty-sixth episode of Dai Sentai Goggle V.


Akama is challenged by a fast-draw porcupine Mozoo gunman who takes him down and threatens to assassinate him and his entire team.


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Goggle V as Wild West Gunmen

  • The costume Kijima wears during the team's transformation into gunmen is similar to one he wore during the battle with the Baku Mozoo in the nineth episode. (The results of his showdown in both episodes are likewise comedic in result)

DVD releases

Goggle V DVD Vol 4

Goggle V Volume 4, DVD cover

Dai Sentai Goggle V Volume 4 features episodes 31-40. [1]


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