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Ep. 31: It Vanished! The Power of the 5

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This article is about a/an episode in Choushinsei Flashman.

It Vanished! The Power of the 5 (消えた! 5人の力(パワー) Kieta! Gonin no Pawā?) is the thirty-first episode of Choushinsei Flashman. This is the conclusion of a four-episode arc focusing on Mess' upgraded forms and a power fluctuation of the Flashmen due to an astronomical phenomenon.


When the Flashman are suddenly unable to transform, they must turn to Doctor Tokimura to discover the reason behind the loss of their powers.


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DVD releases

Flashman DVD Vol 4

Flashman Volume 4, DVD cover

Choushinsei Flashman Volume 4 features episodes 31-40. [1]


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