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Rise up! Warriors of the Future (起て! 未来の戦士 Tate! Mirai no Senshi) is the second episode of Dai Sentai Goggle V.


Goggle V learn about their new duties of fighting the evil science of Deathdark while trying to deal with a Mozoo with telekinesis.


The episode begins with Deathdark cursing Goggle V. Dr. Iguana accuses Dr. Zazoriya's robot for being too weak. General Deathgillar orders Iguana and Zazoriya to create a new Kong and the strongest would be used next. Dr. Zazoriya's Light Kong defeats Dr. Iguana's Gorrila Kong. Deadthdark uses bird genes to create Tori Mozoo. Deathgiller sends Tori Mozoo to Tokyo to annihilate Goggle V. While working undercover a an amusement park, Ken'ichi notices a woman in all black. He sends a signal to the team and they follow the woman to the Hall of Black Magic, only to be ambushed by Mazurka, the Spotmen, and Tori Mozoo (the latter in disguised as a black magician). Tori Mozoo uses his black magic of gravity to mess with Goggle V's minds and levitate an expressway, forcing Goggle V to retreat. When Goggle V returns, Dr. Hongo tells them that Deathdark came from an ancient age where dark science began creating weapons of destruction, and now Deathdark has targeted the current time period, recruiting dark scientists to conquer the world. Tori Mozoo begins creating havoc around the city, until Goggle V stops him. After Goggle V defeats the Spotmen, Tori Mozoo attacks them with gravity. However, the Future Science Laboratory lerans that Tori Mozoo takes a 2-second break between attacks. After learning of this, GoggleYellow takes the gravity hit, allowing GoggleRed, GoggleBlack, and GoggleBlue to damage Tori Mozoo's teleportation hand. Goggle V then destroy Tori Mozoo with the Gogle Victory Flash, but the Light Kong shows up, resurrects Tori Mozoo, and absorbs his body. GoggleRed launches the Goggleceaser. GoggleRed then pilots the Goggle Jet to fight Light Kong. Goggle Dump pulls Light Kong to the ground. Goggle Tank rams into it and fires Tank Missiles. Goggle Jet, Tank, Dump combine to form the Goggle Robo. After a brief fight, Goggle Robo destroys Light Kong with the Electronic Galaxy Cut. As the team returns home, Dr. Hongo tells them that he has to leaving, but motivates them to keep fighting, and the episode ends.


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Dai Sentai Goggle V Volume 1 features episodes 1-10. [1]