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The Final Battle (最後の戦い Saigo no Tatakai) is the twenty-ninth episode of Choujin Sentai Jetman.


Two Back Dimension warriors pursue Radiguet to the Front Dimension, where the Vyram leader prepares to use their desires for revenge against them.


The others call Radiguet's attention to a young couple approaching the magical portal to Earth. Radiguet hisses. These are the only survivors of a people he thought he had destroyed. He attacks them before they reach the portal. The girl, Ru, breaks a stick from a dead tree and turns it into a weapon. Neat power. The boy, Duran, makes it past and falls to ground on Earth unconscious. Ryu, nearby dreaming of sweeter times with Rie, finds him and takes him back to base.

Ru makes it through in pitch battle with Radiguet, who simply teleports away and then amuses himself by appearing in any surface. Ru, mad with battle-fever, attacks these images and does considerable damage to the buildings around her. The Jetmen arrive to fight her, thinking she's another Vyram creation, which is really funny because she thinks that's what THEY are. Radiguet finds the whole situation hilarious. Duran, however, arrives to defuse the situation. Though he is able to get Ru to stop fighting, the lovers argue, for Ru is using their powers in ways her people would abhor. Ru and Duran have a special link, owing to a marriage ceremony performed before the Vyram arrived and destroyed everything in their fragile world, leaving only the two of them.

Radiguet creates a monster out of an ancient suit of Samurai-battle armor. It becomes a green, snake suite and flings out its glove and boot, which fit themselves onto Ru. She struggles valiantly, but only when Duran takes her hand do they come off, to fix themselves onto him. He is dragged inexorably towards the monster, his arm and leg moving him will-he won't-he, as Ru struggles to hold onto him. But the suit takes him inside and attacks. Ryu can only think how much this is like when he lost Rie, and he leaps between the now-occupied suit and Ru, taking a strike across the back that leaves him comatose.

In the infirmary, Kaori weeps over Ryu's unmoving form. Ru, understanding at last why her people hated war, turns her power to healing and saves Ryu, then faints. But as he revives and his friends welcome him back, Ru wakes and teleports away to search for Duran. The Jetmen follow, only to have her beg them to save Duran's life. She knows he's not dead, just trapped inside that suit of armor. Ryu, understanding exactly how she feels, drops his weapon and confronts Duran, who struggles to control his body over the vicious power of the suit. Without an external threat to distract him, he is able to defeat the suit, which is destroyed by the inner battle.

Ru and Duran bid farewell to the Jetmen, and return through that hole between dimensions. They intend to re-build their home, and perhaps there are other survivors.


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Jetman DVD Vol 3

Jetman Volume 3, DVD cover

Choujin Sentai Jetman Volume 3 features episodes 21-30. [1]