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Sublime! Fiery Gals (壮絶! 炎のガルス Sōzetsu! Honō no Garusu) is the twenty-eighth episode of Choushinsei Flashman. This episode is the beginning of a four episode arc involving a power crisis for the Flashman and the upgrades of the main forces of Mess, starting with the final battle and death of Leh Gals.


Lie Köpflen upgrades Leh Gals with a fiery new power in order to prove his creation's continued need within Mess.


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  • When Jin begins to exhibit strange symptoms of a weakness, he flashes back to episode 19 and Ley Baraki's warning. While this is the start of a weakness exhibited for the arc, the real malady he was warning about will not emerge until episode 44.

DVD releases

Flashman DVD Vol 3

Flashman Volume 3, DVD cover

Choushinsei Flashman Volume 3 features episodes 21-30. [1]