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Ep. 28: Mio is Princess Ial!?

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This article is about a/an episode in Hikari Sentai Maskman.

Mio is Princess Ial!? (美緒がイアル姫!? Mio ga Iaru-hime!??) is the twenty-eighth episode of Hikari Sentai Maskman. It is the second part of a three-part story involving Maskman's initial encounter with Thief Knight Kiros and the development of a new team cannon; it also features the revelation to the Maskman of Mio's true nature within the Underground Kingdom.


An assault by Kiros draws Takeru away from research for Shot Bomber's replacement, where he finds out the truth about Mio and her current fate.


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DVD releases

Maskman DVD Vol 3

Maskman Volume 3, DVD cover

Hikari Sentai Maskman Volume 3 features episodes 21-30. [1]


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