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Launch, Super Robot (出撃超(スーパー)ロボ Shutsugeki Sūpā Robo) is the twenty-fourth episode of Choujin Sentai Jetman. It is the concluding part of a three-part arc focusing on the battle with the matured Semimaru and the arrival of the Back Dimension Dimensian Soldiers, climaxing with the debut of the combination of Jet Icarus and Jet Garuda, Great Icarus.


The Back Dimension Warriors connect with the Jetman as they both use their technology and emotions to drive their final battle with the Vyram and Semimaru.


The two groups reason that though the robots cannot defeat the monster separately, perhaps they can be combined into a more powerful weapon and do so. Agreeing, they set about the programming and construction needed to accomplish this. Dan, however, arranges for a beam to fall on him. Not hurt at all, he plays at deep injury and manages to get out of the work. A quick trickery and he gets Ako to sit with him. He abruptly declares that he is starving and gets her to guide him to a good place to eat. She finds him obnoxious but kind of amusing. After they eat, they sit on a hill and talk. He lays back to stare at the clear blue sky and take in the breezes and smells all around. "Our world is not like this." He describes a world devastated by war. It was the Vyram who had attacked them and destroyed their home-world. He picks a tiny white daisy and makes a ring of it around Ako's finger. "There you go, now we're married," he jokes. In the meantime, Rei and Kanna stand to study the great robots they are repairing, daring to hope for the future. They are lovers. Ryu sees them and, somewhat shy of intruding on a private moment, leaves them be.

The monster has regenerated, and Radiguet again turns it loose on an unsuspecting Tokyo. Jet Garuda is not finished, so Jet Icarus and the Jetmen face the monster alone. Rei, Kanna and Dan complete the programming and fly out to join the fight, when Radiguet manifests in front of the ship and throws his sword. It hits Rei in the stomach and the ship goes out of control. Kanta and Dan are thrown out in the crash. Radiguet arrives and drags the mortally wounded Rei out. He blasts Kanna, who crawls, dying, towards Rei. Radiguet takes Jet Garuda and attacks the startled Jetmen, who soon know it's him.

Dan regains consciousness to see his two companions dead, their hands just inches from each other. With a mad scream, he manifests his bird-shape and flies for Jet Garuda. Boarding the ship, he duels Radiguet. Despite his odd appearance, Ako recognizes him. Radigyet stabs Dan through the gut, and Dan breaths fire into his enemy's face, driving him off. The robots destroy the monster, but... Dan is dying. Ako holds him in her arms and makes a ring of a nearby daisy. He smiles at her before it's over.

However Radiguet, returning from this severe defeat, gets to suffer being laughed at by the others.


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Jetman DVD Vol 3

Jetman Volume 3, DVD cover

Choujin Sentai Jetman Volume 3 features episodes 21-30. [1]