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Walking Garbage (歩くゴミ Aruku Gomi) is the twenty-first episode of Choujin Sentai Jetman.


A pile of garbage which includes a beloved toy of Ako's becomes a Dimension Beast who only wants to do good and protect his master.


Ako is on her way to school. She sees the garbage men on their rounds and it occurs to her that she is much too old to still be carrying a teddy bear to school. She takes the bells she always had around its neck off and tosses the bear in with all the garbage.

Bored, bored, bored. The Vyram are bored. Radiguet is absorbed in the grub he brought back after killing the Queen, so the others are at loose ends. Maria has a biochanger she's been carrying around for a while, toying with what kind of monster she will make this time. Tran, equally bored, snatches it from her and throws it in a garbage dump. The biochanger lands and is engulfed in a pile of garbage that includes Ako's bear. It activates and takes a reading. And this is what the reading shows it: A little girl playing with her teddy bear, Putan. She is Putan's mamma, teaching him to walk, and cuddling him, pushing him on the swings. Crying and holding him for comfort when obnoxious little boys smash her sand castles. Kissing him goodnight when they go to sleep.

So the biochanger becomes a creature made of the garbage but primarily based on the teddy bear. Putan goes looking for his mamma. He wanders into the market, where frightened people take to their heels. When a little boy's mother yanks him away, his toy falls to bust into pieces. Putan uses his power to repair the damage and gives it back to the little boy. Next, seeing a beat-up rusted car that a panic-stricken man is trying to start, Putan repairs that too. The man drives off as fast as he can, the fear of the monster overriding his delight at his suddenly new car. The crowd, realizing they aren't being attacked, turns into a mob and begins throwing things at Putan, trying to drive him away. He flees around corners into a small park, where he encounters Ako on her way home from school. Almost simultaneously an angry Maria arrives, attacking Putan and trying to get him to behave like the monster he is. Ako finds herself between them and gets thrown around by Maria. The rest of the Jetmen arrive and Maria vanishes. As the confused group is trying to decide what to do next, Putan discovers the bells amongst Ako's things and jingles them in memory. Ako realizes what she's looking at. "Putan?!?" The bear looks up, "Momma!"

Ako has to go home. To her embarrassment Putan is following her. She tries to chase him off a few times, then hides but he finds her. "Why are you following me?!" "Momma, I'm so hungry." Ako takes Putan to the garbage dump and requests permission of the man in charge for him to stay there. The man is ecstatic when he discovers that Putan eats garbage. As Putan is eating, boxes full of brand new clothing are dumped over the wall. The attendant scowls and informs them that it's just some stores getting rid of the last year's unsold clothes and avoiding paying for the garbage pickup. He shows them new watches, brand new computer parts lying around that stores dump. Putan, offended by such waste, goes and chases off the dumpers.

Ako returns to base. Her teammates ask where she's been, covering their noses for Ako smells just awful. She explains how she settled the problem of Putan, very happy that she's found him a good home. However, late that night the men Putan had frightened off earlier in the day sneak into the dump. Putan is just falling asleep in the little shack they made him, walls lined with some pictures of Ako as a little girl playing with Putan. The men get a bulldozer and knock over his shack, assuming they've killed the monster. However, Putan escapes and ends up staggering down by the waterfront. Maria arrives and reminds Putan how he was attacked when he was first self-aware. Human are murderous, they hate him just because he is different. She awakens his sense of outrage, and while he is consumed by anger, uses her power to turn him into a gigantic demonic version of himself.

Putan begins blasting around. His blasts leave skeletons in their wake. Ako runs to beg Putan to stop, but he doesn't recognize her and Ryu has to yank her out of the way of his blasts. The Jetmen call their planes and form to fight Putan. However, a tiny girl with a teddy bear is right in the path of falling debris, and Ako leaves the robot to protect her. She saves the girl but ends up pinned under a slab of concrete. Putan hears the little girl's sobs, and seeing her down below he remembers who he is, and who Ako is. He weeps, breaking the spell and returning to his normal appearance. Downsizing, he frees Ako from under the concrete block. But the furious Maria appears and attempts to run Ako through. Putan throws himself between them and instead, her sword stabs through the biochanger on his chest. Putan turns, says "Momma," and then his structural integrity fails. He disintegrates into a glowing, teddy bear shaped light, which then bursts. Angered beyond caring, Ako fights Maria and manages to drive her off.

They come to the garbage dump, where Ako has made a small shrine with a cross for Putan. She and the attendant are more grieved that the others, because they knew Putan. As they say prayers, more boxes full of brand new items are dumped over the wall. Ako shouts in aggrieved protest.


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DVD Releases

Jetman DVD Vol 3

Jetman Volume 3, DVD cover

  • Choujin Sentai Jetman Volume 3 features episodes 21-30.[1]

Choujin Sentai Jetman The Complete Series

Jetman: The Complete Series (Shout! Factory)

  • The complete Jetman series was released in North America by Shout! Factory on September 25th, 2018.