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Marriage Vacuum Cleaner (結婚掃除機 Kekkon Sōjiki) is the twentieth episode of Choujin Sentai Jetman.


Gai is forced by a pesky girl to save her sister and other potential newlyweds from a love-stealing vacuum cleaner Dimension Beast.


A little girl, Michiru, is taking photographs at her sister's wedding. All of a sudden, big sister walks out on her groom and tells everyone that she doesn't love him or for that matter anyone anymore. The shock is profound. When Michiru develops her photos, she sees some sort of fanged thing, like the end of a vacuum cleaner, in the background. She starts haunting wedding chapels, searching for a trace of the thing again. She sees it and chases after it, running out in front of a truck. Gai happens along at that time and stops the truck, but Michiru, overwrought, faints.They eat lunch together and she shows him the pictures. He shrugs and says its not unusual for a bride to get cold feet. He doesn't believe her and leaves. Later, the others call him to see a news report. A little girl is stuck up in a high place and refuses to come down unless Gai Yuuki comes to talk to her. Stuttering in fury, Gai and the others come and get her down. Forced to listen to her, they go to meet her sister. The girls' parents are dead and the sister is even colder than anything the Jetman have ever seen. They begin to believe Michiru. They make a decision to lay a trap for the monster. Gai and Ako will pretend to get married, hoping to attract the creature. Sure enough, it pops up. Raita and Ryu are about to jump it when Michiru comes screaming into the chapel to stop the wedding. She's developed a serious crush on Gai. The monster sucks the love out of her. But she's only a little girl, and she collapses into a coma in Gai's arms.

Furious, Gai turns into costume without even touching his clothes changers. He leads the charge against the monster. Once it is destroyed, all the women are restored to normal. Michiru will live with her sister and brother-in-law. She asks Gai to wait for her to get older.


Guest Cast


  • Notable Japanese film and TV actress Nagiko Tono guests in this episode as Michiru; this was one of her first notable acting roles.

DVD releases

Jetman DVD Vol 2

Jetman Volume 2, DVD cover

Choujin Sentai Jetman Volume 2 features episodes 11-20. [1]