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Crimson Fight to the Death! Sun Halo Mask vs. Akarenger (真っ赤な死闘! 日輪仮面対アカレンジャー Makka na Shitō! Nichirin Kamen Tai Aka Renjā) is the twentieth episode of Himitsu Sentai Gorenger. It features Akarenger's showdown with Sun Halo Mask, as well as the introduction of Iron Man Mask General Temujin.


Sun Halo Mask lures Tsuyoshi into a scenario that leads the other Gorenger into a trap as a last-ditch scheme to defeat the team and impress the Black Cross Furher.


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DVD releases

Gorenger DVD Vol 4

Gorenger Volume 4, DVD cover

Himitsu Sentai Gorenger Volume 4 features episodes 19-24: Ep. 19: A Blue Spark! The Spy Front That Floats in the Sea, Ep. 20: Crimson Fight to the Death! Sun Halo Mask vs. Akarenger, Ep. 21: Blue Miracle! The Mysterious Airship That Came From Antiquity, Ep. 22: Yellow Air Raid! Nightmares of Atlantis, Ep. 23: Green Dogfight! The End of the Mysterious Airship, and Ep. 24: Blue Anger! Strong Greenmerang, Big Counterattack. [1]

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Gorenger Box 2, Blu-ray cover

Blu-ray Box 2 comes with 17 episodes.