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Seek the Warriors (戦士を探せ Senshi o Sagase) is the first episode of Choujin Sentai Jetman. This opening episode begins setting up multiple storylines while starting the story; as well as having the unusual approach of granting the powers of all five Sentai Rangers, but only introducing three: air force officer Ryu Tendo (Red Hawk), rich heiress Kaori Rokumeikan (White Swan) and young farmer Raita Ooishi (Yellow Owl).


An experiment to make heroes with the power of Birdonic Waves goes wrong with the arrival of the Dimensional War Party Vyram, forcing Ryu Tendo (the only successful subject) to track down the four who were accidentally struck to become the Jetman alongside him!


A wave of energy called "Birdnic" is discovered and scientists develop a way to harness the energy and bond it to humans. Commander Aya Odagiri (Chokan for short) has to recruit five people for the project. She comes upon Ryu Tendo and his lover Rie Aoi working for the ground forces, rescuing civilians from a malfunctioning laser-robot. She invites them to join Project J, and Rie accepts upon her reassurance that their personal relationship is not a problem. Ryu is the first endowed with the Jetman link. It is an excruciating experience. Just as they finish with him, the Dimensional War Vyram arrive. Their leader, Radiguet, broadcasts his image in the sky, through mirrors and other surfaces announcing the Vyram as Earth's new masters. With the space-station under attack, Aya and Rie drag the recovering Ryu towards the launch bay. However, a hole is torn in the wall and Rie is lost, her fingers slipping out of Ryu's weakened hold. Aya knocks him out and escapes the space station dragging him with her. The damaged machine sends out the other four beams randomly. A young woman dressed in a kimono, standing on the balcony of her family's mansion, a farmer out working his small vegetable patch with a hoe, a girl walking home from high-school, and a young man out on his motorcycle are hit.

A strange, gigantic insect-monster is prowling around ingesting people, leaving only their empty clothes behind. Each time its thorax grows. Later it separates from the thorax, and the Vyram draw forth their bio-changers, created with the life energy of humans. These things transform everyday objects into creatures.

Aya has to break harsh reality to a semi-hysterical Ryu that Rie is dead. "Pull yourself together, man!" The Jetman monitors are registering the other four people and Aya takes Ryu with her to claim them. First they find the young lady in the mansion. Kaori Rokumeikan is a sweet woman, and very patriotic. Despite Ryu's odd behavior she is enthusiastic about being a Jetman and defending Earth from evil. She accepts the bracelets that will let her communicate and change into costume. But she is the only easy one. When the three of them find the farmer Raita Ooishi, he reacts with irritation. This is too fantastical for him, a down-to-Earth kind of guy, to believe. He refuses to go with them. Kaori offers to stay and talk to him while Aya and Ryu find the remaining two. Raita, whose farming life does not attract women of her caliber, enjoys giving her a tour of his greenhouses and sharing healthy fresh cucumbers with her. Just then the farm comes under attack as the Vyram drop their faceless minions onto a furious Raita's vegetable garden. Ryu comes to help Raita and Kaori, giving Raita his bracelet and the two change for the first time. The aliens are amused by this trio of amateur fighters and wait to see what develops. The Vyram are Radiguet, Maria, Grey, Tran and the faceless minions.


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  • Although they do not truly become Jetman in this episode, Ako Hayasaka and Gai Yuki both appear in this episode and are hit by the Birdonic Waves. They will be recruited for the team next episode.
    • Neither Ako or Gai are seen from the front in this episode, only from the back when they are hit by the Birdonic Waves; nor are they revealed in the next episode preview outside in Jetman costumes.
    • Gai does appear prior to getting hit with Birdonic Waves, as the man drinking the coffee Radiguet appears in. Thus, Ako is the only one of the Jetman who is not seen in the front prior to or after getting hit by Birdonic waves.
  • Although the opening narration states that the series takes place in "199X", a video monitor seen by Odagiri when Ryu and Rie stop the robot states the date "December 23rd, 1990", thus keeping the series aligned roughly with the time it was made. But in Rie's tombstone in episode 22, the year of Rie's "death" is 1991.
    • Since the video occurred prior to the Birdonic experiment, some time may have passed from Ryu and Rie's recruitment and the day of the Vyram invasion.
  • First appearance of Ryu Tendo, Gai YukiKaori Rokumeikan, Raita Oishi, Commander Aya Odagiri, Jiya, Rie Aoi, Back Dimensional Count Radiguet, Tran, Grey, Maria, Earth Ship, Sky Camp and Jet Hawk.

DVD releases

Jetman DVD Vol 1

Jetman Volume 1, DVD cover

Choujin Sentai Jetman Volume 1 features episodes 1-10. [1]

Choujin Sentai Jetman The Complete Series

Jetman: The Complete Series (Shout! Factory)

  • The complete Jetman series will be released in North America by Shout! Factory in Sept 25th, 2018.