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Pigeon! Hurry to the Nest of Evil (鳩よ悪の巣へ急げ Hato yo Aku no Su e Isoge) is the eighteenth episode of Battle Fever J.


A scientist father tries to escape from the clutches of Egos as a carrier pigeon becomes the connection between him and his son.


Kensaku has been helping a boy named Kazuki train his pigeon, Ryuseigo, to fly to a special whistle that not only emits sound but special magnetic waves. Kazuki’s father, Professor Iwamoto has been missing for months, having been kidnapped by Egos to build a secret weapon for them. When Professor Iwamoto excapes from their research facilities, Kazuki hides him in a secret hideout beneath their house. Unfortunately, Egos recaptures him and threatens Kazuki’s life if he doesn’t cooperate. The professor consents to go going only if he can bring Ryuseigo with him. When he completes the weapon and Egos is ready to dispose of him, Ryuseigo is his only hope of rescue.

DVD releases


Battle Fever J Volume 2, DVD cover

Battle Fever J Volume 2 features episodes 12-22. [1]