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Gai Dies! (凱、死す! Gai, Shisu!) is the eighteenth episode of Choujin Sentai Jetman. It is the conclusion of a two-part story involving the battle against Empress Juuza and further sets up the build-up regarding her Destruction Beast Semimaru.


As Gai falls victim to Juuza's crystal curse, the memory-less human Radiguet encounters a girl who appears to understand him.


The first thing he feels is fear, waking in a place he does not recognize. Panic-stricken, he turns to a soft, sweet-faced girl sitting watching over him and asks her where he is. When she answers, his fear grows for he has realized a continuing emptiness in his thoughts. "Who am I?!" he begs her. Later, he has had time to calm down and he walks out to join her where she sits at a veranda table. Her name is Saki."Have you remembered anything?" she asks him. He says no, but wonders if going near where she found him might help. He notices the garlands of paper cranes strung together over the chairs and asks her what they are for. She tells him that legend has it if you make 1,000 cranes, you will be cured of your ills. Her classmates made these for her. "Are you ill?" he asks.

Saki takes him to the beach where she found him, and plays in the surf while he watches her. Her enjoyment warms him, though he still has no memory he feels better just being with her. She picks up a delicate white seashell and tells him that another legend says with such a perfect shell you can make a wish. She says she wishes he gets his memory back, and throws the shell into the sea. Then she collapses.

Back at the seaside hospital, they have tucked her into bed. Her doctor tells them that Saki needs to rest. The young man asks what is wrong with her (I never did quite figure that out), and it turns out that she is terminally ill, and doesn't have long to live. He returns to her bedside. He remembers how she wished for his memory at the beach, and he asks her why she did not wish for her own health and life. She does not answer him, as she really cannot explain. She has grown used to the idea of her death and it no longer frightens her. And perhaps she doesn't really believe in the power of wishing anymore, as hers have done her no good. She closes her eyes and drifts off. "Don't die! I need you! Saki!" So the young man closes his eyes too, and prays with all his might. Something is engaged within him, and power shimmers from their clasped hands to bathe her body in blue light.

Kaori finds Gai and they join the other Jetman to fight the queen. Gai makes it through her blasts only to have her knock him away. About to re-join the fray, he sees another man, huge crystals sticking out from his stomach, suddenly turn into a gigantic crystal. In horror, Gai flees. The others search for him, but it is Kaori who eventually finds him, huddled under a tree, staring up at the sky, fighting pain that sometimes makes his limbs shudder and jerk. She tries to get him to come back with her, but he laughs and says there's nothing anyone can do. He is dying. He loses his battle against the fear and pain, and for a moment huddles over in her arms. "I don't want to die!" Then a new wave of agony overwhelms him. He realizes he is about to change, and he tells Kaori he loves her. He runs, but doesn't get far, screaming as the transformation is completed and he becomes a giant crystal before Kaori's eyes. The Jetman catch up with the queen again, this time desperate to defeat her for Gai's sake. Their battle might have been brief....

Saki has gone through complete recovery. The doctor marvels as he and her mother watch the girl and the mysterious young man playing badminton. Saki trips and falls, laughing. The man comes to her, echoing her amusement in his smile. She tells him he has a great and wonderful power, to heal someone like her. He could do a lot with it. She offers to be with him. Touched beyond words, he wraps her in his arms. He whispers, "Maybe it's better if I don't remember." Just then, pain stabs through him, brief but overwhelming. Is it the pain of the queen using her power, or the pain of the people she is attacking, having finally come close enough to reach him? Who knows...?

The pain draws him to his feet in blind rage and agony, he staggers away to grab the motorcycle and trace it to its source, not knowing why he is doing what he is doing. He arrives, leaves the cycle and tears around a building to see the queen. He dives back round the corner in an agony of confusion and Saki catches up with him. She shakes him, and he shoves her away. He sees Red Hawk fighting the queen, and that finally does it. His mind is filled with images. Fighting Red Hawk, fighting the queen, rage and hatred blinding him to everything. His memories flood back and he pulls away from the wall he was cringing against. "I am Radiguet! A Vyram!" he snarls, eyes wild.

The Jetman are getting trounced when a helmeted guy on a motorcycle rounds the corner and knocks the queen. The man jumps off the cycle, throws his helmet down (his back to the Jetman), and transforms into Radiguet! On the Vyram ship, Maria, Grey and Tran see this and shout effectively, "Now the ***** is gonna get it!" They come to join the fight.

Seeing the queen and Radiguet going at it, the Jetman stop in surprise. Raita says, "Well WHO do we fight?" Radiguet and the queen blast each other, but she is worn with fighting the Jetman, and he's had rather a long vacation, of sorts. Realizing he cannot defeat her, Radiguet sees the Jetman and tells them to fire at the crystal on the queen's head. That is her weak spot. Ever flexible, the Jetman obey. When she knocks aside their combined blasts, Kaori pulls out her sword and saying, "For Gai!" leaps at the queen. Her strike cleaves the stone in two, and the crystal Gai had turned into vanishes, leaving him standing in the middle of the infirmary. He races to his plane and comes to join the fight.

With everyone against her, the queen is being badly bashed. The Jetman bring out the Jet-bazooka and she disappears in the blast. They return happily to base, believing they've killed her. But actually she teleported away. Powered down, bleeding, she goes into labor. Rather anticlimactically, the fruit breaks off the stem, and will soon hatch. She is smugly congratulating it on its birth when Radiguet arrives, having known she wasn't dead all along. He throws his sword and it lodges in her throat, destroying her in a flare of light. He gathers up the egg when someone calls him. SAKI! She stands and begs him to come back to her, to be human. He was the most wonderful, good man she has ever known. She loves him. He is badly shaken. Her proximity draws him and he begins to power down, his face shifting from blue to human color. Then he comes back to himself. "Thank you, fool!" he snaps at her. "I am Radiguet of the Vyram, and I don't believe in love!" He throws out a sheet of blue fire and it consumes her. Then he sits on the beach and watches as the tiny baby monster breaks open the egg holding it. Looking like a gigantic caterpillar in Radiguet's hand. "Grow big and strong quickly!" he tells it with a mad laugh.


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  • Actress Rika Furukawa appears in this episode (and the end of the previous) in an early acting role as Saki.
  • The episode's title is fairly ironic in hindsight, as Gai does actually die at the end of the series.

DVD releases

Jetman DVD Vol 2

Jetman Volume 2, DVD cover

Choujin Sentai Jetman Volume 2 features episodes 11-20. [1]