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Revolt of Paper (紙々の叛乱 Kamigami no Hanran) is the sixteenth episode of Choujin Sentai Jetman.


When a Dimension Beast brings paper drawings to life, Ryu discovers a girl brought forth through the power who is trying to reach someone dear to her.


Ryu finds the girl wandering in traffic. She seems unaware of her surroundings, walking aimlessly and yet with some strange hint of purpose. He follows her into the amusement park. She gets on the merry-go-round and as she rides round and round begins to look distressed. Suddenly Ryu recognizes her. She is the girl from the pictures Aya showed them. A museum painting brought to life.

He takes her to the hospital where the painter is comatose in intensive care. They learn from his diary that on April 12th, his daughter Shizuko's birthday, he gave her an Okarina, the beautiful ceramic pipe she was playing that drove the monster away. They swerved to avoid hitting a dog on the road, and the girl died in the ensuing accident. She weeps on her unconscious father's chest. His fondest wish was to hear her play the Okarina again. To their distress, she vanishes. Really she went home and found the real Okarina at her father's. As she leaves she is attacked by the Vyram who pursue her into the park.

Ryu arrives, trying to protect her. The others arrive shortly and tell Gai tells Ryu to get Shizuko out of there, they will keep the Vyram busy. Ryu takes her back to the hospital. She stands at her father's bedside and plays the flute, and the sound calls him back from death, to live again. Knowing her father will be all right now, Ryu leaves them there and goes to help the others. However, just when they are winning, Toran points out that they don't dare kill the monster, because Shizuko will die, too. The monster is the only thing which sustains her. But Shizuko herself arrives, bravely playing the flute. The monster desperately shoots her and she falls into Ryu's arms, vanishing before his eyes.

Furious, Ryu attacks the monster. They call in the Jet-Striker and the damage is severe enough to force the monster to go big. So they call in the JetMachines. Eventually they kill it. Ryu goes to the museum to admire the portraits of Shizuko. He keeps the Okarina as a memento. "You're father's all right now, Shizuko. You did it," he thinks. And he leaves wistfully.


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Jetman DVD Vol 2

Jetman Volume 2, DVD cover

Choujin Sentai Jetman Volume 2 features episodes 11-20. [1]